About Childland

Childland Australia is a Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Land Layby Australia Pty Limited. It is structured as a charity organisation managed of Land Layby Australia Pty Ltd whose mission to eradicate poverty, crime and champion the potential good effects that multi-cultural communities may benefit from. Childland Australia knows that everyone is different with diverse capabilities confirming to the statement “you can’t judge a fish by the way it climbs the tree”. These capabilities can however be inert causing feelings of rejectionand loss of identity. This results to appalling consequences which may includebut not limited to rebellion, homelessness with street life invasion, poverty, crime, resentment, delinquent behaviour, drug & alcohol addiction, vandalism, and truism. The effects can be detrimental in a society withmulticultural diversity like Australia. The individual who fails to live up to their potential will certainly atsome point project feelings of inadequacy, failure and non-accomplishment. Whenthey subconsciously rationalise the failures to achieve, then the society canpalpate these rationalisation that present as drug & alcohol, addiction,crime & gang style criminal activities and irresponsible citizens thatchoose to just lazy off.

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